Mind Retail is group of retail and urban development specialists with strong faith in the future of retail.

Retail for us is synonymous with the term “vibrant cities” which includes components that create a sense of purpose and placemaking that attracts people to visit and stay; a curated mix of stores, restaurants, service, healthcare, entertainment, culture, events and other meeting components.

We understand the end consumer and evolving consumer patterns and its effect and possibilities for your properties. Mind Retail offer services on operational and strategic level for property owners, investors, asset managers, cities, municipalities, and organizations.

Since our inception in 2015, Mind Retail has been commissioned by the premier listed- and private property companies in Sweden and delivered value across urban developments, high-street, malls and big-box retail for our clients.

Our work philosophy is characterized by openness, innovation, and strong team culture. We promote diversity. Naturally, our team is comprised by specialists with different backgrounds, but altogether with a common goal to deliver high impact value for our clients.

We aim to develop growth on the property and places we work on, as well as ourselves as humans. Our company is based in Stockholm but assigned on projects across Sweden on behalf of our clients. .

Our ambition is to create concrete values ​​for our clients and deliver in the new with our aim: to find the right support for a sustainable trade for the city and people.