Mind Retail is working closely on developing a product for your organization with strong faith in the future of retail. A product where the end-consumer is in focus.

The foundation in a data-driven approach is streamlining and gather all data sources in one platform to simplify the decision-making. We believe that ”collaboration” is the key to create the future retail destination, which is why the product is geared towards the key players of our public spaces – municipalities, property owners and retailers.

No more copy-pasting.

No more time-consuming manual data- gathering, formatting, and cleansing in Excel. No more errors in formulas. Our tool smoothens the daily work in your organization. Our tool visualizes and provides up-to-date insights of your underlying data for your departments and specific users in your organization.

Same numbers, for everyone.

A common problem today is that different users in organizations have access to different data sources, numbers, and insights. Different selection of time periods, methodology and data samples. It is important to recognize what the underlying numbers are based on to make thorough decisions. Our tool makes sure that your users have instant access to insights and reports that are based on same underlying numbers across your organization.

Awareness & transparency.

It is challenging today to ensure up-to-date visualization of data throughout the organizations which are operating in different geographical regions and/or with several departments – which results in lack of transparency across the value chain. Our tool enables real-time transparency without compromising the underlying data sources and sensitive information. You have full control over user access and customized views.