We believe in collaborations, and that great meeting places is a product of co-creation. The city, municipality, landlords and tenants collectively form the urban city environment where end consumers and individuals meet.

Mind Retail provides expertise in different phases of the development of attractive and sustainable places, where people want to visit, meet, work, and experience a sense of community. Local engagements and new partnerships are a requisite in these changing times. This encompasses not only local business, public sector, education & university, but also start-ups, NGOs, local enthusiasts in the mission of injecting vitality in the urban space.

Increased global competition, a growing e-commerce sector, sharing-economy, changing consumer patterns and an aging population shapes the society as a whole and changing needs for content on our cities. Evolving needs require a new approach.

Our team at Mind Retail is convinced that collaboration coupled with consumer insight are success factors in developing the meeting places of tomorrow. We believe in enhanced understanding of consumer behavior and a renewed take on future income streams. The need of one platform to aggregate data, share, interpret and enhance insights among key stakeholders in an urban development is now more important than ever – to create impactful collaborative work. Mind Retail has created the platform and tool for this matter and offers experience of helping organizations and groups in their change management journey.

We look forward in getting in touch with you to discuss the creation of future urban cities.