Together with our clients, we create sustainable retail spaces for both people and places.

Challenges and possibilities in a changing environment
The Swedish retail industry is facing a considerable transformation. Digitalisation has stimulated the pace of change and is continuing to transform most things in the world around us. Increased global competition, ever-expanding e-commerce, changes in patterns of consumer behavior, a growing sharing economy and an ageing population continue to reshape the retail industry. These trends are placing new demands on property owners who need to re-adjust by revitalizing their business strategies and identifying new business opportunities. Property owners will also need to integrate new methods of leadership and organization into their ways of working to effectively meet the increasingly rapid pace of change.

How should property owners work to deal with changing patterns within retail?
Mind Retail continuously follows and analyzes trends and driving forces in order to provide services that create real value and meet the needs of property owners. Thanks to our wide-ranging competence, long experience and a passionate commitment to our customers, we help property owners answer complex questions such as:

  • How do we analyze the enormous amount of data we have on our properties and customers?
  • What potential do we have in a specific property?
  • How can we ensure and develop interesting concepts for experiences, communities, sustainability, F&B to attract more customers and to increase turnover in our market place?
  • How do we include social commitment into our market places and how do we ensure that our social sustainability efforts are relevant?


Mind Retail represent landlords and property owners. We work in a project based organization together with our constituent where open and close dialog is key. Skill, commitment and delivery is the most important thing to us.


“Vasakronan own properties in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Uppsala. We have 120 000 sqm retail just in Stockholm and on occasion we require extra resources for our leasing team. In these cases we appoint Mind Retail as they have a good understanding for retail and a wide network.”

Charlotta de Jong, Business Developer, Vasakronan